Wealth Advisor Branding

Hudson Valley, NY


Branding design for a Hudson Valley based Wealth Management Firm

Logo Design

This sophisticated logo design showcases a classic laurel wreath encircling an iconic letter, symbolizing both victory and prosperity. The design’s traditional elements reflect the firm’s commitment to trustworthiness and enduring client relationships. The choice of a navy and gold color scheme conveys luxury and stability, core attributes valued in the financial sector.

Pitch Deck Design

The design for this wealth advisor pitch deck is crafted with sophistication, aimed at showcasing financial acumen and reliability. Each slide thoughtfully combines concise information delivery with persuasive storytelling, employing a distinguished visual approach.

Web Design

This customized WordPress website was designed and populated with content from the ground, up. Branded logo design elements are used as background watermarks for a cohesive feeling across their printed and digital marketing materials.