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Custom website design or pro theme install & configuration

Our team of expert WordPress Designers and Developers know the ins and outs of WordPress.  We’re up to date on the latest WP Premium Themes and Plugins, while knowing what to avoid as well.  Use WordPress the way it should be used and contact us today to find out how.  Looking to go beyond a Theme?  You came to the right place!

shopify websites

From brick and mortar to online order! Start selling today!

Customers want to feel comfortable with their online shopping, and Organiq Media helps to provide you with an online E-Commerce atmosphere that is professionally designed and all about customer satisfaction.  We will build a custom E-Commerce package that reflects your company’s message, brand, and products.

squarespace websites

Custom Squarespace Web Design Packages for Small Businesses

Whether you want a simple yet elegant website to showcase your business or something completely custom, our locally-grown veteran Squarespace designers deliver beautiful user-friendly sites that seamlessly convert browsers into buyers.  

Pricing for your Squarespace website varies based the amount of content you want (including number of pages, copy, images, videos, etc); required extensions (plugins); and overall complexity.

custom web design

On-brand custom website design services

Today, more than ever, a website is more than just a website. We create custom websites from concept to completion, driving results for your brand.  Our front-end developers can build on any platform, mobile application, or software from from ground up.  Tired of third-party plugins or modules breaking your website?  We know.

web design pricing

Website project scopes include the customized build of a WordPress website, populated with optimized text and image content, based on your website samples, direction & brand guidelines.

Template Build

Website Design Package Includes:

  • Customized Mobile Responsive Theme
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • 1 Hour Brainstorm Session
  • Stock photo & content placement
  • Social Media Integration & Custom Icons
  • Google Maps, Mail Plugin, Contact Form
  • Squarespace Analytics
  • Google Analytics & XML Sitemap

$3,500 – Five Page Build
+$500 – Additional Page 

Project Estimates…
10 Page Website:  $8,000
20 Page Website:  $11,000
30 Page Website:   $16,000

Premium Theme

Website Design Package Includes:

  • Customized Mobile Responsive Theme
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • 1 Hour Brainstorm Session
  • Pro WordPress Install & Configuration
  • Stock photo & content placement
  • Social Media Integration & Custom Icons
  • Google Maps, Mail Plugin, Contact Form
  • Google Analytics, XML Sitemap

$4,500 – One Page Build
+$850 – Additional Page 

Project Estimates…
7 Page Website:  $9,600
10 Page Website:  $12,150
15 Page Website:   $16,400

Custom Build

Website Design Package Includes:

  • Website built from concept to completion
  • 4 rounds of revisions
  • 2 Hour Brainstorm Session
  • Pro WordPress Install & Configuration
  • Stock photo & content placement
  • Social Media Integration & Custom Icons
  • Google Maps, Mail Plugin, Contact Form
  • Google Analytics, XML Sitemap

$14,500 – One Page Build
+$850 – Additional Page 

Project Estimates…
7 Page Website:  $19,600
10 Page Website:  $22,150
15 Page Website:  $26,400


web design industries

Organiq Media has been fortunate to work with businesses across every industry & size. Start-up’s, Products, B2B, B2C, Retail, SAAS, & Government.


web design estimates

Please use the form below for a proper website design estimate. We look forward to learning more about you and your team, to help Build a Better Brand.


    web design faq's

    Looking for some answers? Here are a few common questions asked before getting started!

    What are your rates to create a website?

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. That’s because every project and goals are unique. What works for one client or company might not be right for another, and our goal is always to save you money while contributing to your long-term success.

    With that being said, our custom WordPress website design packages start at $4,500. In fact, you can read more about our web design prices here.

    How long does it take to launch a website design project?

    Once again, there isn’t a single answer to this question. A lot will depend on the features/function of your web design and development project is, as well as the amount of pages of your new website. 

    But if you’re looking for a reasonable timeline, we can tell you that most of our clients launch their new website in around 4 to 6 weeks. Our schedule will be greatly influenced by the amount of direction you can give during the initial interviews, how timely and detailed your feedback is, and how quickly you can supply us with content. And of course, the type and number of revisions you request will also impact the timeline in a big way.

    Do you only build websites on WordPress, Shopify & Squarespace?

    No, we can design/develop on any platform, but there are a few reasons we recommend these platforms for most businesses:

    • First, these three content management systems are ideal for most businesses, from the smallest to most massive. They are flexible enough to handle virtually any task and are fast, responsive, and easy to integrate with search engine or social media marketing.
    • Second, there are plenty of guides and plugins available for both platforms. That means you can update your own website without our assistance (if desired) and keep growing your features over time.
    • And finally, we like to work within our own spheres of expertise. That is, we are some of NYC’s premier experts in WordPress and Shopify design. It’s always good to do what you’re best at, so we stay with the skills that are most valuable to our clients.

    Besides, you won’t find more versatile or affordable content management systems to work with!

    How do your website design options differ?

    We know it can be hard to find the right web development company, much less the perfect web design package. But don’t worry – it’s not as hard as you might think to choose the right plan.

    Our packages are essentially broken up into a couple of different attributes. The first has to do with platform (WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify). One is perfect if you want a standard business website or online retail storefront.

    After you’ve made that decision, you just have to decide whether you want to work from a premium theme or a blank slate (i.e., a completely custom website). In many cases beginning with a theme is the faster and more affordable choice. But, if you have unique branding needs for your website or want a completely custom design, that option is available.

    If you’re having trouble choosing the right package for your brand, your best bet is to contact our team. We can help you decide on the budget and features that are perfect for what you’re trying to accomplish online.

    Will you help maintain our website after it has been launched?

    We’re here to help if needed, but that’s entirely your decision. Many clients like to have us contracted to maintain their new websites and keep everything running smoothly. Others like to learn how to use control panels and handle updates (content and software) themselves.

    Either choice is fine. Or, you could always maintain your site and then contract us for bigger updates and improvements as you go.

    Note:  WordPress is a software, similar to your mobile device software that requires ongoing updates to improve features and security.  You can track the latest WordPress software releases here:

    Can I change or update my own website content when the website is live?

    Absolutely!  Your finished website will belong to you, and the more you can do to keep it up to date, the more valuable it will become over time.

    After we launch your website, you will have full access to your WordPress control panel. From there, it’s very easy to make simple text updates, upload new photographs, and even alter details on product or pricing pages. We have tutorials and hourly pricing packages for those who need a bit of extra assistance.

    If you end up needing big changes (like new pages or alterations to your web programming) then we recommend that you come back to us or work with another professional web developer. That will prevent you from doing anything that could damage the visibility or performance of your website.

    Do you provide domain names and web hosting?

    We do, but we also partner with some of the most reputable vendors in the industry.  We can assist to set up your Domain Name & Hosting accounts so you have full access and ownership to your completed website after it has been launched.

    You can get started by viewing our list of partners on our other website…

    Will our website display properly on mobile devices?

    Of course. We know that roughly two-thirds of all web traffic originates from mobile phones and tablets. So, we don’t just design mobile-friendly websites, but also do rigorous compatibility testing to ensure your responsive design will display correctly on screens and browsers of all sizes.

    Will I be involved in the website design process?

    Absolutely. In fact, we won’t even begin the web design process until we have your notes and preferences. That’s because your website needs to be created from your own strengths, plans, and goals for the future. Then, even after we start outlining pages, we will ask you to approve the site map and designs before we begin coding.

    You’re going to be directing our work at every step of the process, and we will do everything we can to ensure you’re happy with the final product.

    Where will the content (i.e., text) for my website come from?

    We do request that all website content be completed or being worked on before starting your website design project.  No one knows more about your company than you do, so we will count on you to provide the text for your pages.

    In some cases, though, clients find it easier to talk about their businesses and strengths than they do to write about them. For that reason we do have a copywriter on staff who can help you craft or edit original web content for an additional fee.

    What happens if I need help with my website after it goes live?

    Don’t worry, we’ll never be farther than a phone call or email away. In truth, it’s rare for clients to need much help from us. We ask a lot of questions at the beginning of the web design process and then check in frequently while we are building and testing pages. So, you’ll be in a great spot by the time your website goes live.

    However, if you do need more help from us, just reach out and ask. We would love to keep working with you and are so proud of the fact that a high percentage of our clients not only return for second and third websites, but also refer their friends and colleagues to us!

    Will you help me promote my new website on Google with SEO?

    All of our websites are built for maximum search engine visibility. That means your pages and content will be arranged in a way that is easy for Google to discover.

    If you want more help with search engine optimization (SEO), we can refer you to affiliated specialists who are great at keyword research, content creation, and ongoing search marketing.

    Do you work with startups or small or micro businesses?

    We certainly do. While we have had the opportunity to serve hundreds of clients – from solopreneurs to Fortune 500s – we tend to do a lot of work with up-and-coming firms. There is something incredibly exciting about helping energetic entrepreneurs take their first steps forward. 

    So, if you’re just beginning your journey, or have a company that’s ready to take the next step, be sure to reach out.

    Is photo sourcing part of the project?

    If you are not able to provide custom photographs to use on your website, our team will assist in locating stock images (including free images that come from resources like Unsplash and Pixels).  There are many stock photo websites that we could recommend, depending on your specific needs and budget.  You can find a few of them on our partners page.

    Photos are an important part of the look and feel of your website. Our designers will absolutely help you find the right images for your brand and the layout, regardless of the source.

    What forms of payment do you accept for web design projects?

    Once we’ve provided you with an estimate for your web design project, you’ll receive a secure payment link. We accept all major credit and debit cards (like Visa, MasterCard, AMEX), as well as PayPal, Venmo, & electronic bank transfers.

    Do you only with with companies in New York City?

    Nope. Although Organiq Media is based in the Big Apple, we have clients throughout the U.S., North America, and even the world. The majority of our meetings are handled through videoconferencing, and filesharing makes it easy to keep teams moving together on the same page.

    How can I start my project?

    That’s easy. Simply request a quote and fill in the relevant information (like your name, website size, etc.). Then, tell us a little bit about your business and the kind of website you want us to create. We’ll get back to you within a 24-48 hours.

    If you have any issues with this form, or need to ask further questions, you can reach us directly at support@organiqmedia.com.

    *Note that all messages come to the Organiq Media creative team and never to a commissioned salesperson.