NYC Restaurant Branding Design

Harlem, NY


Complete brand design for a West African Restaurant in Harlem, NY. Branding design services include digital presence and branded packaging, cups, bags, menus, etc., as well as custom label design for juice & sauce products sold on location.

Logo System Design

Introducing a Harlem-based West African restaurant’s brand design, centered around a custom-created pattern that reflects the rich heritage and vibrant spirit of West African culture. This exclusive pattern is woven into the restaurant’s identity, prominently featured across their custom packaging, from takeout bags to juice bottle labels, and even sauce labels.

Packaging Design

Each item that customers carry out—from shopping bags and sandwich wrappers to coffee cups, soup containers, and menus—has the potential to draw in the next satisfied patron. We aimed for a rebrand that’s minimalist, crisp, and modern, crafting collateral that stands out and captures the interest of passersby in the urban hustle.

Juice Label Design

This juice label collection showcases vibrant hues and custom motifs, highlighting unique flavors like Bissap and Baobab. Modern typefaces blend with traditional design elements, reflecting a commitment to cultural richness and natural ingredients in a visually cohesive and enticing package.

Sauce Label Design

Featured are two sauce labels, one for a fiery Spicy Sauce and another for a zesty Green Sauce, both showcasing West African flavors. The labels blend bold, clear typography and geometric patterns for a look that’s as striking as the flavors they encase, reflecting a contemporary take on traditional tastes.

Web Design

This customized Squarespace website was designed and populated with content from the ground, up. Our team of content writers established a clearly defined breakdown of valuable and direct information. The Squarespace website also features responsive food menu.