AI Consulting Brand Design

Miami, FL


Branding design for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) consulting firm

Logo Design

This logo, designed for an AI consulting firm based in Miami, embodies the fusion of technology and intellect. The sleek, angular design suggests forward-thinking and innovation, while the deep blue hues convey depth and expertise in the AI space. Ideal for a firm that specializes in pioneering AI solutions, the logo represents a guiding force in the digital era, propelling businesses towards futuristic growth and transformation.

Web Design

This custom Squarespace website design skillfully blends minimalist aesthetics with functionality, serving as a digital platform for a consultancy firm. The clean, streamlined interface enhances user experience, guiding visitors through services and insights with ease. Its design reflects the brand’s modern approach to consulting, emphasizing clarity, accessibility, and professionalism. This site exemplifies how strategic design can elevate a brand’s online presence, making complex information engaging and straightforward for users.