Restaurant Visual Branding

New York, NY


Custom WordPress website design, package design and restaurant interior branding for New York City’s favorite fast casual restaurant serving to-go style dishes to New Yorkers since 1981.

Interior Branding

Our award-winning design team created a combination of custom sketch artwork (fruits, vegetables, utensils); with well-thought-out sets of words to associate with the attributes of the rebranding campaign. These icons are present throughout the wall designs, as well as the wall menus. A washed wood texture was used to tie it all together.

Brand Strategy

Our client has been around for over 35 years, but their ingredients are as fresh as they come. The new restaurant branding needed to be clean, simple and refreshing, just like the food that they serve.

WordPress Website Design

Our client’s website design was the final task for our restaurant branding campaign, allowing us to incorporate design elements from all print materials and interior branding. Beyond enhancing the design, our team also initiated an overhaul of Flavors’ information architecture. Leveraging the longevity of the brand’s success and history in New York City was a goal that we achieved.

Branding Design

Every shopping bag, sandwich bag, coffee cup, soup cup or menu that leaves their store, could lead to their next happy customer. Our objective was to keep this rebranding simple, clean and fresh, by making their collateral material memorable, to grab the attention of potential customers walking the city streets.

Social Media Management & Photography

Our creative team benefited from the many colorful and eclectic foods that our client has to offer, capturing the attention of new customers across multiple social media platforms.

Our food photography division, worked along side our marketing team to conduct in-depth hashtag research and a competitive analysis, achieving optimal results for their social media campaign.