Piercing Shop Web Design

New York, NY


Nine Moons Piercing is a welcoming studio that offers premier, professional piercing services to our valued clients. Our studio carries a beautifully curated collection of handmade gold jewelry and precious gemstones.

[Sourced from Nine Moons Piercing]

Logo Design

A one-of-a-kind logo is a must for any tattoo and piercing shop – whether you’re in NYC’s East Village or small town USA. Like your boutique tattoo parlor – we don’t do template logo designs. Each and every creation is made with our unique piercing shop customer in mind.

Web Design

The Nine Moons Piercing custom website design is built on a WordPress platform, driven by responsive design and enhanced with beautiful images to show off their expertise in the jewelry industry.

Graphic Design & Print Materials

From visual identity to administrative materials, we worked with Nine Moons Piercing to equip them with everything the brand needed to re-establish a strong, credible presence in their industry.