Law Firm Website Design

New York, NY


Oved & Oved LLP is one of New York City’s premier boutique law firms. They secured and negotiated multi-million dollar settlements and transactions on behalf of their clients in litigation, corporate, real estate and intellectual property matters. We worked with Oved & Oved LLP to enhance their overall identity through confident brand positioning, a powerful and recognizable visual identity, an engaging website, and sleek print materials.

Logo Design

The brand identity for Oved & Oved LLP is simple and straight-forward. It’s an instantly recognizable, yet distinct brand identity that serves as a representation of their premier legal services.

Brand Strategy

Our focus was to simplify the brand message, without neglecting the wide range of legal services that they offer. The young firm wanted a visual identity unlike other traditional law firms. Sleek and modern, to standout above their competition. Their new brand identity is a driving force for their online presence, and is also evident in the decor of their Tribeca offices.

Web Design

The Oved & Oved LLP website invites their potential clients to take a look at their solutions and approach. With clear messaging and outlining of the legal services that they provide. There’s no question of what the firm offers, but more importantly, how they succeed.

Graphic Design

As part of the brand overhaul, we equipped Oved & Oved LLP with a full suite of marketing collateral, including magazine advertisements, promotional materials, office stationery and more. With consistency throughout all brand extensions, Oved & Oved LLP is well-equipped to focus on their legal practices.

What our clients had to say:

Of the countless relationships our firm has cultivated over the years, none is more valuable than our relationship with SmartNet. They have been more than simply a service provider, but a partner in our success providing us with excellent, timely and reliable service over and above our expectations. We consider SmartNet vital and integral to our success.

Terrence Oved, Oved & Oved LLP