Construction Visual Brand Design

Bronx, NY


Eastern Cutting Corp. is a full service concrete cutting and coring drilling contractor, employing the most experienced professional cutters using the latest diamond cutting methods and equipment. They specialize in, but aren’t limited to Concrete Cutting, Core Drilling, Hand Sawing, Slab Sawing, Wall Sawing and Wire Sawing.

Logo Design

This is the second logo that we designed for Eastern Cutting Corp. For this redesign, we retained the saw blade and same font used in the original logo. Our goal was to keep the same recognizable elements from the original logo, while improving it. The addition of the name plates allowed us to reposition the design elements for a more complete layout.

Brand Strategy

Eastern’s job is cutting. Our job was not only to simplify the brand’s messaging, but highlight the need and benefit for their services offered.

Contractor Web Design

The Easter Cutting Corp website is a main tool for their online and mobile marketing campaigns. Beyond the service descriptions, the website provides a project gallery, displaying photos of their past work.

Graphic Design

We worked very closely with Eastern Cutting Corp to create a consistent and memorable brand. From the business cards that they handout to their clients, to the trucks on the streets. We created a brand for Eastern that has made them a staple in the concrete contracting industry.

Video Production

Our video production team worked on-site; hard hats and all, to capture the perfect scenes, piecing together this custom video.

What our clients had to say:

Organiq did a great job on establishing brands for both of my companies. Print design, website and all.

Joe Neos, Eastern Cutting Corp.