Engineering Visual Branding

New York, NY


Our client is a major importer of pump and compressor equipment.

Logo Design

Since our client has offices in the United States, as well as internationally, we had to create two separate logo designs based on the same elements to use for their company. We worked with their team in the USA as well as another language to ensure synergy throughout.

Brand Strategy

Our client wanted a simple, yet direct brand identity that did no utilize a slogan or additional text in their logo to describe what they do. So our focus was to symbolize these services front and centered. After several rounds of revisions, we presented the gear to symbolize their mechanical services and the drop to symbolize both oil and gas. With some finishing touches, the logo was finalized and translated for their Russian company as well.

Web Design

The custom website design is built on a WordPress platform, driven by responsive design and enhanced with a multiple language tool for their English & Russian speaking clientele.

Print Design

From a visual identity to administrative materials, we worked with our client to equip them with everything the brand needed to re-establish a strong, credible presence.

What our clients had to say:

Thank you for reestablishing our company’s visual identity. It represents us perfectly.

Pavel R, Engineering Co