08/24/2016 Joe Jensen

Organiq Media Director, Joe Jensen, Quoted in DigiDay Article

SmartNet Solutions’ Director, Joe Jensen, was quoted in a DigiDay.com article, which asks “Mozilla invites the internet to design its new logo. What could possibly go wrong?”. The article was written by Yuyu Chen, a reporter at DigiDay.com. Her work has appeared in Local East Village, New York Daily News and Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce website.

Article Excerpt:

Joe Jensen, creative director and co-owner of design company SmartNet Solutions, is not impressed by the proposed designs, neither. He even thinks that some of them are distracting, similar to a stereoscopic image that needs to be deciphered.

“I’m a little surprised that none of them incorporated the historical ties of Mozilla to Netscape or its main product, FireFox,” said Jensen.

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