Non-Profit Food Web Design

New York, NY


Customized WordPress website design for a New York City Non-Profit culinary association, providing industry-related scholarships, and philanthropic support for critical social issues.

Logo Design

We worked with FBAA to re-establish their overall brand identity, that will they plan to use at their monthly events, as well as online. The new logo that we designed for FBAA used their previous colors and boxed encasement, but introduced a modern feel through typography. We wanted to design a logo that was timeless, for them to display proudly at all of their events.

Brand Strategy

This non-profit was founded in 1956 and since then, did not have a powerful or memorable logo to represent their brand. We backtracked their brand history, to retain any design elements, in order to accommodate their association members who were not used to change. We feel confident that what we designed a logo that is iconic for their organization.

Web Design

A customized admin dashboard was designed for our client to post information about upcoming events, as well as photos from past events. We provided WordPress CMS tools and training to manage this content easily on their own.

What our clients had to say:

“Organiq successfully recreated a brand that was almost 60 years old, and they did it with taste (no pun intended). “

Sean C, FBAA