10/12/2010 Joe Jensen

Nuvo FaceBook ‘Like’ Page

Do you have a problem with Reputation Management?  Our client, Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur had just that. A FaceBook ‘Like’ page went unnoticed for some time before we were granted complete management of Nuvo’s FaceBook ‘Like’ page.  Shortly thereafter, we gathered these unofficial pages and conducted what is considered ‘Reputation Management’.

In short, if someone is out there using your trademark without your permission, they shouldn’t be. We took the necessary steps to not only remove the page, but conduct a transfer of existing members to our official page.

This is considered ‘Brand Protection’.  Especially when you consider the legal drinking age of FaceBook page members. In transferring members from one page to another, 70% of these members to left behind due to age verification for an alcoholic beverage. Though we don’t consider this a loss. We consider it protecting our client’s brand reputation to correspond with drinking responsibly.