07/15/2018 Joe Jensen

Can Google Effectively Read Your Website?

For all of its enormous Internet marketing power and potential, Google is essentially a library. And like any library, it needs the right information to be in the right places to remain relevant and useful.

Those of us who are old enough to remember can recall what it was like to look for a book in a college library and find it was in stock but not located where it should be on the shelves. That was always frustrating, since the information we needed was theoretically so close while still being inaccessible.

The same thing happens on the internet all the time. You may have information, products, or services that buyers want. However, if your website design isn’t configured in a way that makes it easy for Google’s search spiders to read, they might not ever find it. That means customers don’t get what they want, and you miss out on sales opportunities.

How can you make your website easier to read and scan? Today were going to give you a handful of tips to boost your search visibility almost instantly…


Organize Your Website Carefully

Website Layout NYC

The way your website is arranged has a big effect on its readability from a search perspective. You want to ensure your menus are layered in a logical way, that page URLs are set up to maximize keyword visibility, and that you have lots of clear internal links from one piece of content to another. These details make it easier for automated software to crawl your site, and for real-world visitors to find what they’re looking for.


Focus on Keywords and Topical Relevance

Keyword Research

You have undoubtedly heard how important it is to use specific, targeted search terms on your website countless times before. What you may not have been told, however, is that the context of your pages matters as well. That’s because Google’s AI is getting better at “understanding” what it sees. It can make associations between topics and posts that go beyond simple keyword matching. The more information you have on your site that’s relevant to what you offer or sell, the better your rank on search engines.


Use Schema Markup When Appropriate

SEO Schema Markup NYC

Schema is a form of HTML that allows you to designate certain pieces of content as being relevant to calendar items, biographies, etc. These little bits of information help Google to identify the different pieces of your pages and posts so they can be crawled more easily, summarized by digital assistants (like the voice app on your phone), and grouped together.


Post New and Updated Content on a Regular Basis

Website Content Creation

Google likes content that is up to date, and so do searchers. If you make a habit of posting new ideas to your blog frequently, or updating pages on your site on a regular basis, your content is going to seem fresher. That will bring Google’s search spiders back more often, giving you more chances to drive customers towards your pages.


Learn to Speak Clearly on Video and Audio Clips


Though many business owners don’t realize it, Google can actually “hear” spoken words within audio and video clips. It does this by transcribing what is said and then treating that text like it would any other form of written content. So, if you post audio or video content to your site or blog, get in the habit of speaking clearly and using the occasional targeted search engine optimization phrase.


Want Help Growing Your Company Online?

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