05/30/2016 Joe Jensen

Does Your Business Need a New Website Design?

Do you need a new website design for your business? This is a question business owners seem to struggle with. Upgrading your website can potentially improve profitability by helping you attract new customers. But at the same time, it’s another expense item on an already crowded marketing budget.

So, how can you know whether you should take the leap and invest in a new website or not? Sometimes, the decision is easier than you might think. Here are a few reasons you might not want to put off getting a new website any longer:

Your Business Has Changed

If you have a great website, but one that’s promoting parts of your business that no longer exist, then you aren’t really doing your company (or your customers) any favors. Your website should be up to date with current products, prices, locations, and employee information. If these kinds of facts aren’t accurate, then it’s time to make some changes. Your website should be leading your business, not following behind it.

Your Current Website Design Is Not Mobile-Friendly

More than half of all web traffic now comes from smart phones and tablets. At the same time, Google is de-emphasizing websites without mobile compatibility and its search engine listings. Put these two facts together, and it’s obvious that it makes sense to invest in a mobile-friendly responsive website design if you haven’t done so already. It’s likely to pay for itself very quickly.

Your Website Needs a Fresh Look

Occasionally, business owners come to us because they have websites that aren’t exactly bad, just a little bit old-fashioned. It’s surprisingly easy and cost-effective to change the look of your website while maintaining, or making small improvements to, your existing content. Doing so can have a huge effect on your business, however, because it creates a much better first impression for customers who visit you online.

You Aren’t Getting Results from Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

While the first three symptoms were fairly obvious, this one is harder to spot even though it’s more important. Your website should be the cornerstone of your sales and marketing efforts. If it isn’t – because you aren’t getting traffic, conversions, or sales – then it’s a mistake to ignore the problem. You should meet with a good creative team immediately to start looking for better bottom-line solutions.

If any of these symptoms applies to your current website, then you should know that it’s probably holding you back from being as profitable as you could be. Why not make the most of the one tool you have to improve your PR, marketing, and recruiting all at the same time?

Web design moves fast, but it takes a lot less time, money, and effort than you might think to keep up with current trends and outpace your competitors. If you have any doubt about whether your current website is ready for the coming year, schedule a free consultation with a member of our team today and see how we can help.

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