01/10/2017 Joe Jensen

Yorkville is Getting a New Look. Is Your Yorkville Website Design?

With the new 2nd Avenue subway line up and running, Yorkville is becoming the hottest neighborhood in the Upper East Side. No matter where you look, businesses are springing up and springing back to life. For sharp business owners and keen entrepreneurs, this means big opportunity. It also means an increase in competition.

Over the past few years we’ve seen digital marketing blend with brick-and-mortar retailing in new ways. That’s particularly true in tech-savvy New York, the city that never sleeps (and is never without a broadband-strength web connection).

The Yorkville neighborhood, long dominated by small, local shops, is suddenly seeing an influx of fresh money and attention. Some of the new businesses will thrive, while others will be swept away quickly. In many cases, the difference won’t be in the quality of the products being sold, the services provided, or even the prices being charged. In 2017 and beyond, it takes a strong website and Internet marketing plan to bring buyers off the streets of the Upper East Side and into a shop, restaurant, or office.

How can you be sure your business is ready to compete and succeed in a growing Yorkville market? Here are a handful of tips you can put to good use today…


Look for Clarity and Credibility First

Custom Website Design Yorkville NYC
The web is even more crowded than a Manhattan city street. To stand out to customers, you need a website that makes it easy to understand what you do at a glance. Additionally, your pages should have the professional look and polish needed to convince buyers to work with you instead of a competitor. Don’t settle for a cheap template or DIY web solution. Those might save you money in the short term, but they aren’t going to help you grow your business.


Build an Easy To Use, Mobile-Friendly Website

Web Design Yorkville
More than half of your web visitors are going to be using iPhones, Androids, and web-enabled tablets. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly web design, you’re going to lose their attention (not to mention traffic from Google). Emphasize the right look on small screens, and make it simple for mobile visitors to navigate your site and contact you quickly if they have questions.


Be Easy to Find & Verify in the Upper East Side

NYC Yorkville Web Design
Local search engine optimization is huge if you’re hoping to attract customers from Yorkville and the rest of the Upper East side. Be sure to add geographic keywords to your web pages, along with maps, directions, ZIP Codes, and other indicators of your real-world location. Additionally, you should have profiles on sites like Yelp and YellowPages that corroborate your contact details and let satisfied buyers leave reviews for your business.  Check your business listings.


Keep Adding to Your Online Storefront

Yorkville Startup Branding
You wouldn’t let your real-world storefront remain dirty or cluttered, so keep up maintenance on your website, too. Engage buyers with ongoing news, notices about upcoming events, and other pieces of content. You can even add shopping carts, social media feeds, and email newsletter sign ups to boost your marketing and revenue.

There’s never been a better time to open or improve a business in the Upper East Side, particularly in Yorkville (not to mention the nearby Carnegie Hill and Lennox Hill neighborhoods). If you want to get it right – and stick around for long enough to make a profit – it’s a good idea to have a Yorkville website design team on your side. Call SmartNet Solutions today at 212-321-0938 to see how we can help!

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