12/10/2015 Joe Jensen

The Best Reason to Upgrade Your Company Website This New Year

Company Website Design in NYC

If you’ve put off upgrading your company website for the past few years, you’re in good company.

An uncertain economy and a rapidly changing customer base have led a lot of decision-makers to stick with what they have, virtually speaking, and put off redesigning a business website from one year to the next. In some cases, that’s been a good business decision; in others, just plain old procrastination.

Regardless of which group you fall into, though, there is some good news and some bad news to be found…


The Bad News is That Older Websites are Becoming Really Outdated

The pace of change in the last few years has meant that new ideas have come along quickly. Any business website that doesn’t have features like a good search engine optimization plan, social media linking, a blogging strategy, online videos, and mobile compatibility isn’t just behind the times, but probably costing you money. That’s because it’s easier for customers to get what they want or need elsewhere, and also because it makes your business look like it isn’t as sharp as it could be.


The Good News, Though, is That a New Website is a Better Value Than it Was Before

On the other hand, all of these changes have meant that websites were getting outdated quickly. That’s not necessarily going to be the case going forward. New tools like HTML5, responsive web design, and content management systems (CMS) have made it easier to build a business site that’s stable, expandable, and able to adapt to new technologies. In other words, they don’t just look better and perform more reliably, but they are also less likely to go “out of style” or need back-end upgrades as quickly as they have in the past.


The Bottom Line on Company Website Design in 2016

You might have held off on investing in a new business website for quite a few years and lost ground to some of your competitors, but 2016 is the perfect time to make a smart investment and give your site a new look and feel.

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