07/01/2016 Joe Jensen

Is Your Website a Full-Time Employee?

In the past few years, we’ve noticed something interesting: Construction, contractor, and mechanical industry clients are among the physically hardest-working people we’ve met.  And yet, they often have brochure websites that don’t reflect their day-to-day efforts.

That’s not good enough. Your website should be a full-time employee, working just as hard as every member of your team. Here are a few ways you can ensure that happens…

Begin with Your Business Goals in Mind – your construction website design shouldn’t be built for its own sake. Instead, think about the ways you’d like to see your company grow, and then make sure your layout and content support those goals.

Think Beyond Online Brochures – while your website should give out basic information about your company, it should also help you win new business, hire better employees, and automate customer service tasks.

Keep Your Website Updated – when your website no longer has current information, it stops being a useful resource for potential customers and the public at large. Work with our design team to ensure that your content doesn’t fall behind the times.  We offer maintenance contracts to help you add new projects to your gallery on a monthly basis, to show clients that you’re progressive. If you don’t have the hardware or know-how to produce stunning project photographs, we can help.  Blog posts on tips & industry news can be another great way to keep your page viewers engaged.

Contractor Web Design NYC

Your website should be a valuable resource, accomplishing the work of several salespeople, customer service reps, and PR agents all rolled into one. If it’s not doing all of these jobs, maybe now is the perfect time to talk with an NYC Web Design Company and see how we can help!

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