12/26/2007 Joe Jensen

Sparkling Nuvo – Website Update & Intro Revamp

Out with the old and in with the Nuvo.

Dating back to the launch of the Nuvo website back in March of 2007, the website featured the elegance of women and soft music to be claimed as “For Her”. Since then, in this short amount of time, the drink has been admired by a larger target audience other than just “her”; so it was time for a little change.

This classy and elegant drink has caught the attention of the Hip-Hop and R&B communities while falling into the hands of such popular artists as Fabolous, J.Holiday, Chamillionaire, Keyshia Cole, DJ Clue & even Russell Simmons. In light of the taste bud transition, the website needed to reflect this change, as you can find at SparklingNuvo.com. Do you notice a domain name difference as well? No more NuvoForHer.com as it’s not just “for her” anymore.

While the design of the website itself has stayed the same, you will see new background images featuring the Nuvo Liqueur being enjoyed at various events throughout the past year. A noticeable change is apparent in the sites opening intro, right after the age verification page. The new look, feel & sound is a new beginning for this Sparkling Liqueur which has caught the attention of millions, even before its one year anniversary.

Another update to the website features are the new photos & flyers from the Nuvo events. You can also find a new layout for the Press page.