11/03/2016 Joe Jensen

Why Social Media Marketing is Bigger Than Participation

Nearly every business owner and executive knows that social media marketing is important. Unfortunately, not as many of them actually know how to put together a campaign that’s going to yield results.

We see this again and again, particularly when talking with potential clients who tell us about all the things they “do” on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but rarely mention the results. What they don’t understand is that social media marketing isn’t just about participating and posting to your profiles – it takes a focused creative effort if you want buyers to take notice.

Businesses like ours offer social media management services that go beyond throwing out a few simple tweets and hoping for the best. Here are a few of the differences between our approach and the one taken by so many companies who try to tackle social interaction on their own…

Social Media Marketing is About Reaching the Right Audience

A comprehensive social media plan should encompass all the major platforms, while targeting overlapping audiences between them. In other words, some of your best prospects are probably on Facebook, while others might prefer LinkedIn. What matters, though, is that you know who they are and reach them on all the channels that make sense. With any luck, you’ll be able to engage them through more than one profile.

Professional Social Media Management Means a Perfect Delivery

DIY social marketers struggle to get the details right. They don’t always understand that when you post updates matters, that the types of files (for example, images versus video) can have a huge impact, and that finishing touches like choosing the right hashtags can greatly affect viewership. Of course, a group of social professionals that works at these challenges every day can help ensure the perfect delivery for every offer and update.

A Good Marketing Team Keeps You Coordinated and On Message

It’s surprisingly easy to lose followers and harm your own credibility by going too far off track within your social accounts. For instance, it doesn’t help your marketing efforts if you have one personality on Facebook and another on Google +, or if you post regularly but tend to ramble about personal issues and pet peeves. A strong marketing team is going to be focused on results, which means keeping your messages coordinated and relevant to your business.

Your Creative Team Can Watch for Analytics and Impact

Ultimately, social media marketing is about the results you generate. That’s easy to forget when you’re trading jokes with friends or having fun using your phone to tweet a random thought. As part of our social management services, we keep an eye on your web analytics to see what is and isn’t working with regards to your messaging so we can tweak things going forward and help you to generate conversions.

If you’ve been watching your business fall behind your competitors on social media and can’t understand why the posts or updates you are creating don’t seem to help, it might be time to bring in a team of professionals to get better results. Call or email SmartNet Solutions today to see how easy and affordable it is to get our experience creative marketing minds working for you!