09/14/2016 Joe Jensen

Why Good Content Marketing Campaigns Just Keep Getting Stronger

There are a lot of reasons to love content marketing campaigns. Most business owners will already know they are efficient, and expensive, and scalable, bringing you loads of well-qualified inbound leads week after week and month after month. What they tend to not realize, however, is that the results tend to improve exponentially over time.

In other words, good content marketing campaigns just keep getting stronger and bringing you better results.

The same can’t be said of email, pay-per-click advertising, or most other online marketing strategies. So, why is it that content becomes more efficient and effective with each new item you post? And how can you put that dynamic to work for you?

To get to the answers, let’s look at a few details you have to keep in mind…


Google SEO Results

New Content Helps With Search Engine Visibility

Google loves to see new additions your website. For one thing, every new post is another page of searchable content, complete with a title, meta description, and inbound links. Even beyond that, however, search engines score your site based on recency, volume, and authority. So, the more up-to-date articles you have to show off, the easier it’s going to be to bring in new visitors.

It’s worth pointing out that the same things apply to actual readers. When they see you are continually updating your pages, it gives them a reason to come back and see what’s new.


One Page of Content Can be Linked to Another

When you start to accumulate lots of content on your website, you can link from one article to another piece that’s related. There are search engine optimization benefits to this approach, but there is also a more important element of usability at play. When you have many different clustered topics that are all linked by keyword or focus, it’s easy for searchers to remain on your site while digging deeper and deeper into a specific subject.

In this way, every new page or post you add to your website can help increase viewership and engagement for all the other pieces of content you’ve already generated.


Every New Article or Idea Builds Your Credibility

Imagine for a moment that a potential customer arrives your website and sees you have an insightful article that speaks to the question it’s on their minds. They may be impressed with your business and decide to investigate more. However, if they see that you have dozens of pieces of relevant information, that tells them something about your focus and expertise.

The more you have written, posted, and published on your pages, the more of an authority you seem to be in the eyes of your customers and prospects. So, every new piece of content you create only adds to your credibility and perceived value.


Niche Content Helps You Target Specific Buyers

It’s no secret that searchers are getting pickier about the results they want to see on Google, and the links they will follow from Facebook and other social media sites. They don’t just want a piece of information that’s current and accurate – they want something that’s written with their needs and perspective in mind.

You can’t make your website into a valuable resource for everyone, but when you have lots of content there’s a much greater chance that readers will find the answer to the specific question they care about… and that it will be authoritative and up-to-date.

A lot of businesses never see the results they expected from their content marketing campaigns simply because they don’t stick with them long enough, or contribute to their blogs and newsletters frequently. If you’re looking for the kinds of inbound lead generation results that change whole companies, then it’s important that you realize that your ideas become more powerful when they are combined with one another.

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