08/15/2018 Joe Jensen

How to Make Exit Intent Popups Work in 3 Easy Steps

Exit intent pop-ups spark big debates within the internet marketing community. Some business owners and web designers feel very strongly that they are pushy, intrusive, and a turn-off for potential customers. Others think they given an easy and convenient way to reel in prospects that wouldn’t have otherwise converted into leads.

There is validity in both points of view, but the one undeniable fact is that they work.

In other words, if your goal is to generate as many sales as possible from your website, you should at least experiment with exit intent pop-ups to see how they could add something new to your online strategy.

Using them to generate leads, email subscriptions, and sales is easier than you might think. In fact, experience has shown us that you can get more from your site using pop-ups that appear when someone is about to leave your pages by following three easy steps…


#1 Think of Clarity and Presentation First

Exit Intent Popup Design
Consider this: your exit intent pop-up won’t be displayed until someone has already made the choice to leave your website. They are about to take their attention elsewhere (possibly to one of your competitors). Whatever you want them to see or know before they go has to be expressed clearly and directly.

For that reason, your pop-up should feature a simple design with an impossible-to-miss message. Don’t leave any room for ambiguity because you only have a fraction of a second to work with.


#2 Make an Offer That Pulls Visitors Back

Exit Intent Popup Marketing

If being clear is the first rule of using exit intent pop-ups, then making an irresistible offer has to come in a close second. Your first attempt to win a conversion wasn’t successful, so your final chance has to be the pitch that’s hard to ignore.

In some cases, a free guide can be a good incentive, but percentage discounts, freebie samples, and exclusive products are even better. In other words, you want to give your visitor the chance to get something they wouldn’t have expected at the last possible second.


#3 Push For Another Chance

Exit Intent Popup Install

Keep in mind that most potential customers aren’t going to go back to your website after seeing your exit intent pop-up. They’ve already decided to do something else. What they may do, though, is share an email address so you can contact them with the fantastic offer you made.

In the long run, the ability to initiate a follow-up contact has more value for you anyway. So, try to center your exit intent pop-up on gathering subscribers rather than generating immediate sales.


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