05/17/2018 Joe Jensen

5 Things You Don’t Get With Low-Cost Business Website Templates

At least once a week we talk with a business owner who isn’t sure they actually need custom web design. They have seen commercials on television, or YouTube, designed to convince them they can get the same results from a fast and cheap do-it-yourself web template.

Unfortunately, this idea is only half true. You certainly can get a low-cost website by using one of the popular business web design template services or DIY website services. However, unless you have a brand-new startup with no operating budget, or have only the simplest of web design needs, you aren’t going to get great value from the few dollars a month you spend with one of these options.

To help you understand why, and to point out the differences in value between custom web design and the services that only imitate it, let’s look at five things you don’t get with low-cost business website templates…


#1 Guidance Through the Web Design Process

Custom Website Design NYC

In truth, putting some pictures and content online isn’t all that hard. It’s managing the process in a way that leads you towards something that looks credible and professional that gets a little tougher.

Ideally, you want a layout that puts your company’s best marketing qualities forward, and organizes things like text and photos in a way that will display perfectly on every screen or device. That takes work, and it’s not something you’re going to get from a DIY website template.


#2 A Customized Website Made for Your Business

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In some industries, you have dozens (or even hundreds) of companies in an area all using the same handful of templates. That means the websites produced all have a very similar look and feel. No one has an edge over anyone else when it comes to branding.

That’s not a way to impress customers, or to keep your sales growing. Every business is different, and effective web design is all about funneling visitors towards the information or resources they need to find.


#3 A Website That Can Grow and Evolve

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Without monitoring and improvement, even a great business website will get outdated quickly. The content might grow stale, or the underlying coding could eventually lose compatibility with new browser versions and cause crashes or security issues.

When you work with a professional business web design team, there will be a plan in place to keep your site active and growing. When you create one from a template, though, you might find yourself falling behind the web design and online marketing curve quickly.


#4 Back-End Web Development

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Today’s websites aren’t simple online brochures that only give information about business – they increase sales and save money through automation, e-commerce, plugins, and more.

In our world this is referred to as back-end web development, and generates virtually any feature or functionality that goes beyond displaying images and text. It’s crucial to business web design, and it’s something you don’t get with a cheap DIY web template.


#5 Ongoing Internet Marketing Support

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It doesn’t matter how your website looks or what you intend it to do if customers don’t find it. In fact, you could easily argue that continual online marketing is much more important than your initial web design itself.

This is an area where a good creative team will truly shine. They’ll help you develop an affordable and actionable plan to keep customers coming to your pages and generating sales, leads, or conversions. When you create your website using achieve template, though, you’re on your own to make something happen.


Need Business Web Design That’s Affordable and Effective?

If you want a business website that helps your company to grow month after month without costing you a fortune, now is a great time to schedule a free consultation with our creative team. Contact us today so we can put our skills and experience to work for you!

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