01/27/2020 Joe Jensen

Using Your Logo Design to Boost Your Brand

Regardless of what business you’re in, developing a strong brand image is an absolute must if you want to be successful. Promoting your brand is a long term process and will cost money, as there is no shortcut to it. It will take more than coming up with a good logo design and catchphrase.

Before you start looking at marketing and social media campaigns, you should start with the first thing your audience and customers will see when they look up your brand: your logo design.

First of all, you need to get your logo designed. You can either do it in-house with a graphic designer or start a logo design contest for this purpose. Once your logo is designed, you can use it to boost your brand. There are many creative ways you can do so, here are a few:

Use it on apparel

You can use your business logo design on apparel by putting it on uniforms or accessories. Let’s take McDonald’s as an example, most of the company’s workforce and employees wear shirt and caps with the McDonalds’ logo on them. This is really important if your employees come in contact with the public. They will be representing your brand, and thus, should do it the right way for your audience to remember you.

This helps create a strong brand culture not only within your company, but also outside of it.

If you’re in the retail business, use it on your storefront

If you’re in the retail business, the best way to use your color scheme and logo design is by putting them on your storefront. Turn your shop into a display center, and use your logo on your website, entrances, banners or signboards, and all platforms and spaces inside your shop.

Use it on merchandise

Merchandise is also a great way to use your logo design to amplify your brand. Giving out free goodies and swag is a good way to make people get curious about your business and remember it. Make sure you have your logo on your merchandise. Target your audience on the internet (using social media), in conferences, or at trade fairs. These goodies can include caps, pens, mugs, or even attire (such as hoodies and t-shirts). Always make sure your brand’s logo is clearly printed and displayed on your merchandise.

Use it on online banners

Online banner advertisement is extremely important, especially when you want your brand to stand out. Banners are some of the most attention-grabbing material on the internet, and they are heavily used by marketers everywhere.

Digital banners are the ones that get the most clicks, so consider them for your business. Of course, make sure your logo is clearly apparent on them, without being the main focus though. Banner ads are a clear call-to-action that has been proven to be successful times and times again.

Use it on social media

Using your logo on social media goes without saying. It’s one of the first steps you should take when you’re creating social media profiles for your business. Because social media is a powerful channel, this could be the single thing you do that will boost your brand the most.

Use your logo as your profile image, on your social media cover design, and on every platform that gives you the opportunity to use images to advertise your business.

And remember…

You don’t have to follow this list to the letter, because there are many more ways to boost your brand, online and offline. Still, these are the best ways to do so and have shown results for many businesses over time.

Let us know what you do to promote your brand and how it helped your business. Maybe you know something we don’t!

Author Bio

Elizabeth Summer is a freelance content writer who has previous experience in a digital design agency. She writes about branding, graphic design and digital marketing. Her favorite time of the day is after midnight when she comes up with creative ideas.