03/18/2016 Joe Jensen

Organiq Media Attends Client Fundraising Event

Organiq Media Partners  attend The Partridge Scholarship Foundation’s St. Patrick’s Day fundraising event, held at The Union League Club on E37th Street. Organiq is in the final stages of launching the Non-Profit Foundation’s latest website design, which is planned to go live mid April.

Website URL:  http://www.thepartridge.org


About The Partridge Scholarship Foundation:
The mission of this Foundation is to raise scholarship funds for institutions of higher learning providing training for students pursuing a career in the Hospitality Industry in Metro New  York.  Further, it is to promote mutual business interests among its members and to stimulate friendship and fellowship.

About The Union League Club:
Founded in 1863 by a group of concerned citizens to help preserve the Union, the Union League Club of New York has built, over ensuing years, a record of distinguished service to our country. Members of The Union League Club were instrumental in establishing The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1870 as well as the Sanitary Commission, a predecessor organization to the American Red Cross. It helped erect the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor and the Lincoln Monument in Union Square. Its members were instrumental in bringing down the “Boss” Tweed ring and in raising funds to outfit American soldiers in several conflicts.