11/29/2017 Joe Jensen

Does Your Business Have an Effective Web Presence?

Every so often, we get the chance to meet with a business owner who insists they have a great web presence and an outstanding digital marketing plan. What they really mean, though, is they have a pleasant enough (but slightly generic) layout that isn’t generating any traffic or sales activity.

That’s better than having nothing at all online, but it isn’t exactly what a savvy marketer should be shooting for, either. To help you answer an all-important question of the digital age – whether you have an effective web presence or not – here are some things you should remember…


An Effective Web Presence is Bigger Than Your Web Design

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Obviously, your web design is important. However, the way your pages look isn’t the sole determinant of whether your website “works” or doesn’t.

You could argue that the only way you can really judge a company’s online efforts is to look at the bottom line. If revenue is coming in from the internet, or sales are at least being supported by the website, that’s a positive indicator.

However, we’ve learned over the years that profitable websites go hand-in-in hand with certain traits. In other words, there are some ingredients that always factor into the mix.


What You Need to Dominate Online

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As we’ve mentioned, the look and feel of your website is important. That includes your layout, naturally, but also whether you have good photos and an organizational plan that moves searchers or buyers easily from one page or topic to the next. In other words, usability matters just as much as aesthetics.

What’s under the hood of your website is important, too. Clean coding makes your pages load faster, allows your content to display correctly on mobile screens, and even encourages search engine traffic. Proper tags, image placement, and other details help browsers and real-life searchers to “understand” what your site is about and navigate to the information they need. Even web hosting, which a lot of business owners consider to be a mundane afterthought, affects your website’s performance and security.

Just as important as having a beautiful, functional, and customized website, is backing it with a common sense marketing strategy. You want buyers to be able to find you through Google and Facebook, not to mention online ads and regular email newsletters. If you don’t promote your company on the internet, you can’t be surprised when customers find your competitors instead.


Is Your Web Presence Getting the Job Done?

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It’s great to have a website that looks nice when it’s sitting still on the page. But, if it doesn’t reflect your brand, won’t load cleanly or consistently, and doesn’t attract new customers to your business, then it doesn’t have much real-world value. That might not be what a lot of you want to hear, but the facts are the facts.

If you want an effective web presence – one that looks great and contributes to your bottom-line success – you need a sound strategy and the right creative team at your side. Contact SmartNet Solutions today so we can evaluate your existing website and make some recommendations that could give your business a big boost in 2018 and beyond!

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