12/21/2017 Joe Jensen

4 Reasons To Avoid a DIY Approach to Social Media Marketing

Why should you avoid DIY social media marketing?  As we have noted recently, DIY (Do It Yourself) website templates are everywhere. Unfortunately for business owners and marketing managers, they offer a false sense of economy – you can use them to save a little bit of money on custom web design in the short term, but they’ll end up costing you more than you save in the long run.

Lately, we have noticed a similar dynamic playing out in the world of social media marketing. Many of the business owners we speak with love that social networking is essentially free, but most are spending way too much time on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms without getting the kinds of results they were hoping for.

To shed some light on why this happens so often, and to keep you from throwing your efforts into losing campaigns, let’s look at four reasons you might not want to take a DIY approach to social media marketing…


It Takes Expertise to Master Individual Platforms

Avoid DIY Social Media NYC

Most business owners are very familiar with one or two social media sites or apps. But, what works on Facebook (for example) won’t necessarily be a good strategy on Twitter or LinkedIn. Likewise, Google +, Instagram, and YouTube all require different strategies and tactics. By working with a team of creative professionals, you can ensure your campaigns are customized for every platform, particularly the ones your customers prefer to use.


Research and Planning are Crucial to Social Media Success

Avoid DIY Social Media Management

Contrary to popular belief, simply logging into your social profiles and posting something once or twice a day isn’t enough to make an impression on buyers. To really succeed, and turn all those likes into a source of revenue, you have to understand your target market and approach them with a sound messaging strategy. A good online marketing team can help you with the kinds of research and planning that will be so crucial to your success later on.


Your Time is Worth More Than You Think

Avoid DIY Social Media Marketing

You certainly could conduct your own market research and develop a strong social messaging strategy all on your own. And, you could spend hours a day generating content, posting it, and reviewing your analytics. But, doing so would rob you of the time you need to run all the other parts of your company. In the end, those hours are almost certainly more valuable to you than what you would pay to a competent local online marketing team.


All Marketing Is about Consistency and Results

Avoid DIY Social Media Manhattan

If saving your own schedule isn’t incentive enough to work with a creative partner, then consider this: when you work with professionals, your social media marketing gets more effective. That means more leads and sales in the long run. In the end, all marketing campaigns are about consistency and bottom-line results. Why do everything you can to build your reputation and find a source of new revenue if it’s right in front of you?


A Smarter Approach to Social Media Marketing

Avoid DIY Social MediaAs a business owner, you don’t have to turn over control of your social accounts to a stranger just to attract new customers. But, you shouldn’t be doing everything yourself, either. That’s why savvy marketers turn to companies like ours to help them develop a brand, stick to an editorial calendar, and promote their content in ways that will generate new business opportunities.

If you’re tired of spending all of your time on social media sites chasing customers – or worse, missing out on these opportunities because you don’t have the expertise to get started in the first place – now is a great time to schedule a consultation with the SmartNet Solutions team and see how we can help!