08/13/2014 Joe Jensen

2 Things You Need to Know About Google Today

Most business owners and executives already know how important Google can be as a marketing tool. As the world’s largest search engine, it processes more than two billion requests per day. That means it can send more traffic to your website, on its own, than other sites like Facebook and LinkedIn combined.

What a lot of businesses don’t realize, however, is that the way Google ranks websites is changing. In fact, there are two parts of your web presence you can’t overlook any longer:

The First Is Responsive Web Design…

We’ve been recommending our clients make the switch to responsive web design – layouts that adapt themselves to computers, tablets, and smartphones automatically – as a way to reach the 100+ million people in North America who regularly access the web via mobile devices. Now, there is another reason that’s just as important.

We aren’t the only ones who see the writing on the wall when it comes to mobile web usage. Google also knows that many of its users prefer phones and tablets, and are hinting that they may begin to reward websites with responsive designs in the near future. In other words, responsive websites could be shown higher in search listings because they are more accessible to the average searcher.

The Second Is Search Rankings…

With its latest “Pigeon” update, Google made a public statement that it wanted to see local reviews and directories (like those provided by Yelp and Urbanspoon) higher in the search engine listings. Like the emphasis on responsive designs, this is largely driven by user behavior. People flock to sites with information on local businesses, so it’s only natural for Google to give the public what it’s most looking for.

The interesting thing about each of these changes is that they don’t just help your Google ranking, but also improve the visibility and marketing power of your business. In other words, they are good for SEO, but even better for your bottom line.

How We Can Help

At SmartNet Solutions, we have designers and programmers on staff who can help you get the responsive web presence you need – either by converting your site or updating your layout. And, as a Yext-Certified partner, we have convenient and cost-effective tools to make sure your business is listed on all local directories and that your information remains 100% accurate and up to date.

Having a business website with a few keywords and a couple of links isn’t enough anymore. Get in touch with our team today to request a free consultation and see how we can make your business more visible and more profitable at the same time.